Barton Creek

Guided Hike: Greenbelt Geology!

Join us as Geologist Linda McCall leads us on a Barton Creek Greenbelt hike on Friday, Mar. 22, at 2 p.m.! McCall currently serves as the Public Information Geologist at the Bureau of Economic Geology and is a member of both the Texas Groundwater Protection and Texas Environmental Education Advisory committees. In addition, McCall dedicates her time towards building a better understanding about natural resources.  Hope we see you there!

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Save Barton Creek Association strives to be an objective opinion on Austin’s development in regards to water quality and green space integrity. Our organization analyzes Austin’s CodeNEXT zoning code to determine the cities ability to protect our creeks, rivers and watersheds.

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CodeNEXT Community Viewpoints Paper

Barton Springs University Sept. 18th

Join SBCA, SOS Alliance, Watershed Protection, and many more partners for Barton Springs University on September 18th from 8am-7pm. We are happy to sponsor this free day of outdoor education for another year. Learn from more than 25 experts in various fields and specialties related to the ecological, biological, and cultural history of Barton Springs.


For more information and schedule of events, please visit the Barton Springs University website.



Who Builds our City?

Article taken from SBCA Newsletter, Volume 36 Issue I – Fall 2015


Recently, observers of Austin City government were surprised to hear that most applications to develop land typically don’t get seen by the public, boards or commissions or city council. Instead, they are approved by the bureaucracy out of public view.


At the August 5th meeting of the Environmental Commission, Sue Barnett, head of development review, noted that of 5,280cases processed since December 2013, all but 25 were handled
administratively. In the past, variances to rules seemed more numerous and controversial. Nowadays, most development appears to pass through routinely without needing a public hearing.


Since ‘rule-built’ projects often don’t need discretionary approvals, the content of rules becomes even more crucial to achieving the community goals.


The City of Austin is currently attempting to rewrite the Land Development Code (LDC) in a large overhaul effort called “CodeNext.”


While citizens might be tempted to ignore the sometimes highly technical LDC, it governs everything from water quality in our creeks, to heritage trees, to preventing disastrous floods like the devastating Onion Creek disaster.


It’s like the traffic rules to ensure orderly and safe property development. While building on property is a legal prerogative, it has to respect other people’s rights and protect the natural environment.


To find out more about what these changes might mean for you and the community, and how your voice can be heard, please visit the CodeNext page.


Groundwater to the Gulf Summer 2015

This June, we were proud to support the 10th year of Groundwater to the Gulf Summer Institute. Groundwater to the Gulf is a four-day field trip for Central Texas educators. This program emphasizes techniques for teaching water-based curricula in our local schools.

Educators work with local experts, scientists, naturalists, and more to follow the path of groundwater as it moves through the aquifers in Central Texas to the Gulf Coast. Interactive workshops, hikes, and activities provide educators with important teaching resources relating to water quality.



For more great 2015 pictures, visit our Groundwater to the Gulf photo gallery.

Living Springs Installation Celebration

The SBCA-supported Living Springs project will debut the new installation at Splash! at Barton Springs this Saturday, April 25th.  Stop by any time from noon onward to check it out.


After Saturday’s event, the documentary film will be available at all times for viewing at the Splash! Exhibit.


Karen Kocher and her team are still in the process of creating additional content for the project, but this installation marks a significant milestone after 4 years of constant documentary work. Save Barton Creek Association and the Living Springs team would like to thank everyone for their support to date.
If you would like to support the production of our new work, click the photo, or visit You may also donate via the SBCA website. Please specify “Living Springs” in the “Add special instructions to seller” section when redirected to PayPal.