Sewage Update: Dripping Springs and the Legislature

There have been several new developments this Spring in regards to Dripping Springs’ proposal to dump nearly a million gallons a day of treated sewage into Onion Creek.
While SBCA and our partner organizations were optimistic the legislature may pass a bill banning direct discharge of wastewater in the contributing zone to the Edwards Aquifer, these bills did not become law this session.
Dripping Springs City Council elections on May 6 saw the election of two new members. We are hopeful that these new voices will change the dialogue toward a no-discharge solution.
TCEQ has still not issued a response to the EPA, as they must do following the EPA interjection in December, Therefore, the permit is still on hold. In the meantime, the parties that are officially protesting the permit continue to work on a draft settlement. Protect Our Water commisioned engineer Lauren Ross to produce a water water balance analysis. It showed Dripping Springs could accomplish 100% beneficial reuse of wastewater effluent (no discharge) by providing 700 acres for irrigation and 39 million gallons of storage.
SBCA continues to support efforts to come to a no-discharge solution.
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