Onion Creek Effluent

 The City of Dripping Springs Wants to Discharge Treated Sewage into Pristine Onion Creek.

The City of Dripping Springs has applied for a direct discharge wastewater permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to dump treated sewage into Onion Creek — a staggering 995,000 gallons per day. This unprecedented measure would threaten the city’s drinking water and cause algae blooms that kill off wildlife from Dripping Springs to Austin. Onion Creek provides 40% of Barton Springs’ flow! For additional information hear from speakers at our October #NoDrippingSewage Rally.

 Thank you for taking action!

Many of you wrote to TCEQ and your City Council Members. We also had a huge crowd at the November 10th Public Meeting. Together, the City of Dripping Springs and TCEQ have hear our voice. We still have more to do, but we are not giving up!


Latest News

February 2017: City of Austin closer to settling with Dripping Springs. Read more here. 

December 2016: The EPA objected to TCEQ’s draft permit. We are waiting to hear what TCEQ’s response will be. Read more here. 



Andrew Harrod

Austin, TX

I grew up fishing Onion Creek and still do from time to time. 40% of the water that flows into Barton Springs comes from this creek. There are already algal blooms that happen in this creek due to urban runoff, let’s not contribute to any more!


Tricia Embry

Austin, TX

The proposed plan not only craps up our treasured Onion Creek, but has the very real potential to damage the aquifer all the way down to Barton Springs. Our environment is a big part of what makes the Hill Country such a special place. I don’t want the city taking that away from us just to save a few bucks.


Karen Kocher

Austin, TX

We have an obligation to future generations to preserve our natural resources. The plan to dumped nitrogen and phosphate rich water into Onion Creek is short-sighted and ultimately not in our best interest.


Greg Watson

San Marcos, TX

Texas waterways are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and dumping waste into a creek is wrong on so many levels. Nobody wants to cool off in wastewater!

Stephen Beers

Co-President / Save Barton Creek Association

Sewage plant operators favor creek dumping because it’s the simplest, most flexible way to (not) deal with waste. Considered narrowly, it’s also the “cheapest” option. However, such an approach blithely ignores damage and risks to our streams, aquifers, wells, and springs.


Coalition of Six Local Environmental Groups Urge City Not to Allow Treated Sewage Discharge Into Onion Creek.


#NoDrippingSewage Rally

#NoDrippingSewage Speakers

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