Oak Hill Parkway Presents Danger to Aquifer, Creek, and Springs


The Oak Hill Parkway project, centered on highways 290 and 71 at the Y, presents serious concerns for the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. SBCA has been busy elevating this issue by presenting this letter to Austin City Council and communicating with numerous other entities about the project. We aim to get the project changed in ways that minimize the environmental harm.

The current proposal is an overbuilt project that proposes 74 acres of new impervious cover in the recharge and contributing zones of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer, and runs alongside (and impacts) Williamson Creek. Furthermore, the project proposes 2.65 miles or 1,968,000 cu yards of excavation over and adjacent to environmentally sensitive features. It would also take trees and mature riparian habitats.

For more on Save Barton Creek Association’s concerns and proposed changes to the project, see our letter. 

There is still time for multiple entities to work together to improve this project.

Come learn more at our Creek Crew Happy Hour on November 12th at 6:30 pm at Baker Street Pub.