#NoDrippingSewage Rally This Friday at Barton Springs Pool

#NoDrippingSewage Rally

Friday October 28, 5-7 pm 

Barton Springs Pool (near the statue to the left of the main entrance)

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The Issue: The City of Dripping Springs has applied for a direct discharge wastewater permit to discharge 995,000 gallons/day of treated sewage into Onion Creek. This water would still contain nitrates and phosphates that cause algae blooms and reduce the oxygen that fish need to survive. Not to mention, other wastewater pollutants like pharmaceuticals.

Why are we gathering at Barton Springs Pool? Onion Creek is the source of 40% of Barton Springs flow!

At the Rally:
– Send a letter to TCEQ
-Send a letter to your Austin or Dripping Spring City Council members
– Costumes and/or signs encouraged
-make a protest sign
-help wrap our toilet paper mummy
-take a photo with a giant commode (aka toilet)
-let your kids play with “algae slime”
-learn more about this issue and how you can help
– get a #nodrippingsewage sticker

For more Information about the issue and to take action by sending your comments to TCEQ and Austin City Council visit www.savebartoncreek.org/onioncreekeffluent.

Come to this pre-halloween rally to help us make sure this scary proposition doesn’t happen.