Happy Hour! Watershed Protection 2018 Bond Purchases and Atlas 14 Rainfall Study

Join us on Monday, January 14 at 6:30 p.m. for our monthly happy hour at Baker Street Pub located at 3003 S. Lamar Blvd.

Our speakers will be David Johns, a geologist working for the City of Austin since 1989 and involved with the Water Quality Protection Lands program since 1998, helping to protect lands that contribute to water supply, wildlife habitat, and flood risk reduction. We will also hear from Kevin Shunk, the floodplain administrator for the City of Austin, who is responsible for the City’s flood risk reduction projects, floodplain management program, and flood early warning system.

Mr. Shunk will cover the federal rainfall study called Atlas 14 and its implications related to flood risk in Austin. In response to these risks, the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department proposes amendments to the Land Development Code to reduce flooding impacts on residents. Additionally, Mr. Johns will talk about purchasing Water Quality Protection Lands with the 2018 bond and the significance of this program for the future of the city and downstream aquatic resources like the Barton Creek greenbelt.