Explorer’s Guide to the Hill Country Oasis


Coming in fall 2019, the Explorer’s Guide to the Hill Country Oasis will provide opportunities for the public to explore, connect to, and learn about sites related to the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer and the Balcones Canyonlands. As an educational tour guide of the Hill Country region, it will connect 17 publicly accessible “discovery sites” to scientific information about the aquifer and ecosystems, as well as historical events and cultural stories of place.


In addition to our printed field guide, our mobile compatible web content will be interactive and accessible through the SBCA website. We encourage all of our hill country explorers to try out the recommended activities listed at each site and to share your experiences and discoveries on our website. Here, the Explorer’s Guide content will also be available for download in print-friendly, one-page PDFs, so that more in-depth information on specific topics can be accessed by organizations and educators — and anyone else interested in learning more! We hope the Explorer’s Guide will serve as a point of entry into education of our environmentally-sensitive region and connect citizens to information on what they can do to protect water resources.


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