Save Barton Creek Association partners with other organizations and programs to protect Barton Creek through public education and initiatives.  By educating children and the broader public about the value of Barton Creek, the Edwards Aquifer, and our other natural resources, we help instill conservation and preservation as a cultural value.

Here are some of the partnerships we have formed:

  • Mother Earth Day Festival – SBCA has sponsored Bill Oliver’s Mother Earth Day Festival for nearly a decade. Each year, the event reaches hundreds of children ages 4-13 with activities designed to teach environmental awareness in a kid-friendly setting.
  • Barton Springs Splash! Exhibit – SBCA was an original sponsor of the Splash! exhibit and continues to support the program. The Splash! exhibit offers an exciting learning experience deep inside a simulated limestone cave. Multimedia displays and interactive exhibits demonstrate how the aquifer was formed and how it maintains its average daily flow of 32 million gallons of water at Barton Springs. The endangered Barton Springs salamander and other native aquatic species on display illustrate the diversity of life dependent on the water quality of local springs, creeks and rivers.
  • Karen Kocher – We have worked frequently with local media producer Karen Kocher on a number of interactive media projects. Our latest collaboration is Living Springs, a media-rich website about the culture, history and science of Barton Springs pool. The website will engage young adult and adult learners in an interactive exploration of Barton Springs in Austin, Texas to foster greater understanding of how the natural environment helps to define human culture.
  • Electric Lawn Mower Program – SBCA has long supported the Gas Mower replacement program run by the City of Austin and local advocate Scott Johnson. The program offers a subsidy to customers who turn in their gas mower and buy an electric.
  • Austin Youth River Watch – SBCA is proud to be a supporter of this multi-year, after-school and summer program for high school students, combining peer mentoring with intensive environmental education.
  • Groundwater to the Gulf – Groundwater to the Gulf is a field-trip based institute for Central Texas teachers that emphasizes techniques for teaching water-based curricula to students in grades 4 through 8. Participants follow the path of water in Central Texas from its origins to its final destination in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics include: hydrology, groundwater, urban watersheds, water quality, water protection, and water conservation.
  • Austin Environmental Directory – The Austin Environmental Directory is meant as a user-friendly guide to readers for learning about environmental issues, for identifying and purchasing environmental products, and for becoming involved in environmental organizations. The print version is distributed free to the Austin area.