Save Barton Creek Association is a nonprofit citizen group working to protect and conserve the six watersheds of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer (Barton, Bear, Little Bear, Onion, Slaughter and Williamson) through our education, conservation, and advocacy programs. We have been working since 1979 to ensure that future generations have access to cool, clean water in Barton Springs and in Austin’s creeks.



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Goat Cave Karst Preserve Restoration: SBCA is currently applying for grant funding to restore a damaged kiosk, educational signage, and feature signage at Goat Cave Karst Preserve, the only public preserve of its kind in Austin. Partners include UT’s Bureau of Economic Geology and the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department.

Explorer’s Guide to the Hill Country Oasis: We are currently working on an educational tour guidebook exploring publicly accessible sites in central Texas. This guide will be available to the public for free and will focus on the hydrology, geology, ecology, and history of the Edwards Aquifer. We hope users of this guide will discover new connections to these special places and the hill country environment.

Barton Creek Cleanups and Workdays
SBCA leads efforts to clean up trash and debris on lands that contribute to the Edwards Aquifer. Read more about our 2015 cleanup of the Shudde Fath Tract here. Sign up for volunteer alerts or visit our Volunteer page.

Living Springs Interactive Documentary
SBCA is a long-time partner and ongoing sponsor of Living Springs, which tells the many stories of Barton Springs Pool and the people who have shaped its history.

Splash! Exhibit at Barton Springs
SBCA was an original sponsor of the Splash! exhibit and continues to support the program. The Splash! exhibit offers an exciting learning experience deep inside a simulated limestone cave. Multimedia displays and interactive exhibits demonstrate how the aquifer was formed and how it maintains its average daily flow of 32 million gallons of water at Barton Springs. The endangered Barton Springs salamander and other native aquatic species on display illustrate the diversity of life dependent on the water quality of local springs, creeks and rivers.

Groundwater to the Gulf Summer Institute
Groundwater to the Gulf is a field-trip based institute for Central Texas teachers that emphasizes techniques for teaching water-based curricula to students in grades 4 through 8. Participants follow the path of water in Central Texas from its origins to its final destination in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics include: hydrology, groundwater, urban watersheds, water quality, water protection, and water conservation.

Partner Programming
Save Barton Creek Association works with nonprofit partners to help further our mission. We give small grants to projects that have a direct impact on the health of the Edwards Aquifer.