The City of Austin is undergoing a land development code rewrite, called CodeNEXT. The Land Development Code is a rule-book for allowable development. This affects a multitude of human and environmental issues such as water quality in our creeks, heritage trees, and has the potential to prevent disastrous floods like the devastating Onion Creek disaster.


Save Barton Creek Association wrote a Community Viewpoints Paper outlining promise and problems in CodeNEXT on watershed issues. We want to be sure that any increase in development and thus potential impervious cover that may come along with a new zoning code properly safeguard our watersheds and those that live around them from flooding and decreased water quality. To find out more, read SBCA’s Community Viewpoints Paper here.


You can also read and comment on the draft Code here.

Above: SBCA at coalition press conference on January 25th on shared Community Priorities for CodeNEXT.


SBCA also helped draft and support “Community Priorities for CodeNEXT” a document written and supported by a diverse stakeholder group including several environmental organizations. SBCA looks forward to reading the draft of CodeNEXT, the City of Austin’s land development code rewrite,  and measuring it by the benchmarks in the document. SBCA is particularly interested that CodeNEXT ” shall reduce climate change, increase resilience, reduce the urban heat island effect, and preserve and restore our natural environment,” and “shall require that new and redevelopment mitigate and reduce flooding, runoff pollution, and downstream erosion.” Save Barton Creek Association will continue to provide feedback to the CodeNEXT process to ensure a healthy environment for all Austinites.


Although it may be easy for many citizens to ignore the LDC, it is important that we, as citizens, participate in the process that may shape our city for future generations.