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News and Announcements

SBCA Hires New Director in 2017

SBCA would like to share the news that we have officially hired Angela Richter as Executive Director in 2017! For […]

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Great News! EPA Issues Objection to Dripping Springs' Draft Permit

We heard from our friends at Protect Our Water this morning. In September, they petitioned the EPA to review the Dripping […]

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#NoDrippingSewage Rally a Success

On October 28th, SBCA held a #NoDrippingSewage Rally at Barton Springs Pool. The event was a great success that got news […]

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Roy Bedichek

Texan, Writer, and Naturalist

…I will fight for Barton Creek, Boggy Creek, cedar-covered limestone hills, blazing star, and bluebonnets, golden cheeked warblers and black-capped vireos, and so on through the catalogue of the natural environment of Austin, Texas. It is through this natural environment that I love America.